Escape From Debt. Make A Plan, Take Action, Get Happy And Love Your Life

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These days, having some level of personal debt is the norm: everyone you know has a credit card, a mortgage, a personal loan

And because everyone's in this situation, we consider it normal! What people don't talk about is that not only can debt have a negative impact on your finances, it can also compromise your personal wellbeing

And no matter your income level, the habits and behaviours associated with accumulating debt are universal once you're in it, you become trapped in a never-ending cycle of working, paying bills, working some more, paying more bills

By becoming aware of where your money is going you'll manage to cure yourself of the debt affliction and remain free of its grasp

In just three hours you will learn the simplest way to shrug off the shackles of debt, and how to transform your attitudes and behaviours towards credit so that you never get caught out again.

Life coach Tim Williamson, a former bank employee and debt collector, shares his insider knowledge on how the finance industries prey on people's behaviours in order to reap the most money from personal loans and credit card debts

This book shows you how to alter your mindset so you can live a happier, healthier and less stressful life

You feel like you are working for the bank paying THEM interest on your debt , when really the bank should be working for you paying YOU interest on your savings